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Trutegra, the industry leader in automation and control integration in the Southeast, started into the digital signage business with a goal of providing a cost-effective alternative to the highly priced commercially available digital signage players. With that in mind we develop our product lines from the ground up including hardware, software and content management systems to capitalize on efficiency…while still meeting the underlying needs of the end users.

Most digital signage developers cater their product to the widest range of capabilities, thereby driving the cost of the product higher and higher. In reality, the end user will only use or need just a small portion of features provided. Keeping with our cost effective goal Trutegra strives to deliver exactly what is needed.

Our hardware is selected and designed to work effectively and exclusively with our proprietary content management system. Trusign® Media Manager is our “flagship” cloud-based content management and delivery system which is fully customizable to deliver and provide content to one or hundreds of players. Trutegra has deployed thousands of players that use the Trusign® Media Manager system. Trusign® is designed from the ground up for customizability and scalability. All of our players whether networked or not utilize Trusign® as the means of delivering playlist to our players.

Our product lines include:

Trusign Digital Signage offers a streamlined approach to deliver refreshing up-to-date content from one central location reaching hundreds or even thousands of displays with the push of a button. Gone are the days of posters or billboards all over campuses cluttering up every free space. The need for digital signage is growing rapidly in all facets from retail to personal use. Some of the current uses are:

  •  College Campuses
  •  Middle and High Schools
  •  Large Campuses
  •  Retail
  •  Venues including Bar and Restroom areas
  •  Fast Food Menu Boards
  •  Etc…

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