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  •  PC-based control system for advanced plating, anodizing, and finishing line automation
  •  A complete solution for control, data-acquisition, HMI, and reporting
  •  Dynamic and fixed time-way scheduling solutions
  •  Flexible, powerful, and easy to support by customer


FLEXTIME is a comprehensive control, data-acquisition, and scheduling control system designed to meet the automation needs of the wet process industries.

The PC-based solution is a robust platform capable of controlling your entire tank line, including hoists, shuttles, tanks, rectifiers, fans, blowers, and pumps. Full data-acquisition of tank chemistry, temperature, PH, turbidity, TDS, are supported.

With an integral HMI capability, scripting engine, and object-oriented configuration, the user is provided an easy to support system capable of future in-house modifications and enhancements.

Features & Capabilities

Dynamic & Fixed Timeway Scheduling

FLEXTIME includes an integral scheduling engine with the capability of dynamic, fixed-mixed, and fixed time-way scheduling control.

In dynamic mode the software can optimize, fit, and schedule differing recipes on-the-fly. Total flexibility can be achieved.

FLEXTIME—Recipe Editing Screen

Graphic Intermix View

FLEXTIME has a real-time intermix viewer that lets you see the hoist and tank schedules on a horizontal time-line, including designation of load #, recipe, and utilization.

A real-time moving marker indicates the current process state. The future and past movements and actions are shown to the left and right of the moving marker. Panning and zooming of the current graphic is supported.

FLEXTIME—Graphic Viewer

Advanced Database and Reporting

FLEXTIME is designed to easily gather and integrate a load’s part, recipe, quantity, time-in-tank, errors and if present temperature, rectification, conductivity, etc. In FlexTime you can easily build simple to complex databases that fill the needs of your company. This database by default is MS Access but can be SQL if needed.

FLEXTIME—Reporting capabilities

Tank and System Controls

FLEXTIME can control and monitor all devices on your process line. This can include heaters, levels, pumps, blowers, rectifiers, and any other automation devices. Screens can include trends, controls, bar-graphs, and other HMI attributes. Easy and intuitive. The software can communicate to any hardware, and supports OPC, Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Profibus, DF1, and Modbus.

FLEXTIME—Temperature Screen

PC or PLC Control Choice

FLEXTIME can interface with either PLC’s or PC-based distributed I/O. Though FLEXTIME has an integral, multi-tasking script engine that can perform all system logic on its own, you are able to identify what logic you want in the PLC and what you want in FLEXTIME. This is always a customer’s choice.

FLEXTIME—Script Editor

HMI Capabilities

The software includes an integral HMI (human-machine-interface) capability including a screen designer that can be accessed during normal system operation. This capability allows the user to easily maintain and modify screens to meet future requirements.

Note: GPR WPG provides all initial screen design on system installations.

FLEXTIME—Screen Design Capabilities

Object Oreinted Configuration

FLEXTIME is designed to be 100% object-oriented. This provides great flexibility in configuration and maintenance, because each tank, crane, hoist, switch, and other control element includes a mirrored FLEXTIME software object. In this way all logic, configuration, and screens relating to the physical object is maintained within an independent software container.

FLEXTIME—Object Editor

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