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Our Philosophy

“You cannot manage and improve what you do not measure.”

As one of the Southeast’s leading automation and control systems integrators, Trutegra can lead you to substantial energy and resource savings within your plant, facility, and/or production processes. Measurement starts on the plant floor with data collected from sensors, meters and PLCs. Understanding how to collect and transform data into actionable data is the key to successful energy and resource optimization – and it’s Trutegra’s core expertise.

We have a strong background in renewable energy and sustainability solutions

We have completed several experimental trials in sustainable energy solutions.  Many of which including the implementation of economical energy monitoring software in manufacturing facilities.  One particular project in the renewable energy industry that we are quite proud of is our work on the largest CPV (concentrating photovoltaic) solar power plant in the world in Alamosa, Colorado.  We designed a specialized control system to direct over 500 60-kilowatt solar assemblies to track the sun in unison to achieve their maximum potential and generate 35-megawatts of clean energy.

Utilize Your Company’s Resources in order to Increase Efficiency

Lower your energy costs and maximize your bottom line

With years of plant floor, automation, and control experience – along with our industry-leading energy management software solutions – We are uniquely qualified to assist companies by leveraging their existing automation and control investments.  Understanding the quantity and location of your energy and resource usage will help to strategically manage and optimize these resources.

The result? Assure regulatory compliance while saving money and resources by monitoring, analyzing and controlling energy, and other plant and process resources.

Trutegra offers a variety of solutions to manage and optimize energy and resources, ultimately lowering your plant or facility costs and maximizing your bottom line.

  •  Plant Audits and Assessments
  •  Smart Metering/Sensor Expertise and Deployment
  •  Virtual Metering Solutions
  •  Energy Management Software Solution Expertise
  •  Plant Floor Expertise including PLCs, Control Systems, Drive Systems, and Operator Interfaces
  •  Turnkey Project Management
  •  Regulatory Compliance and Reporting Requirements Consulting
  •  Tax Incentives, RECs, Rebates, and Grant Consulting to Maximize ROI

Like other industry experts, we understand that the cheapest, most reliable, and environmentally sensitive energy/resource is the one not being used.  “Negawatts” not “Megawatts”

For more information on how we can help you save money and energy, contact Mike Clark at or call 704-247-8218

Control Solutions for Maximum Efficiency in a Solar Field

Trutegra offers control systems integration, automation and energy management solutions for today’s renewable energy industries.

As one of the Southeast’s leading control systems integrators, we have a long history of excellence, innovation and a commitment to the highest level of customer service.

  •  Process control & automation for solar PV
  •  Energy production/usage monitoring
  •  Data collection & monitoring
  •  Solar tracking systems
  •  Manufacturing plant energy assessments
  •   Lighting systems
  •  Energy management software solutions
  •  Engineering services for energy industries
  •  Electrical, instrumentation & controls systems
  •  Mechanical engineering & design
  •  Full project implementation services
  •  PLC, HMI/SCADA programming of all major brands
  •  Network solutions
  •  AC & DC drive systems
  •  Turnkey projects
  •  24/7 emergency service

Point your solar panels at the sun all day to get the best out of your solar PV systems.

With our solar panel control system we can direct your solar field to track the sun throughout the day to maximize on efficiency.  Our systems link together so you can connect every panel in your solar field together, no matter how big the project.

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