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About Crane Controls

Intelligent Positioning and Control of Automated Cranes, Hoists, AS/RS

Trutegra is an industry leader in automated crane technology and positioning systems.

Over the past ten years Trutegra has developed advanced solutions for control of… The emphasis on Research and Development, specifically focused on crane and material handling systems, has allowed the development and deployment of reliable solutions for…

Trutegra’s sophisticated Level 1 controls (machine level) are designed to reduce the demands on Level 2 (warehouse management) systems, thereby reducing overall system complexity, and improving reliability and maintainability.

Controls Are Designed for:


  •  Safety is an integral part of all Trutegra systems. We meet industry safety standards and utilize safety PLCs when required, along with the many implementations of our Obstacle Avoidance and Collision Avoidance Systems.


  •  The latest software and hardware is used to help you be confident in the reliability of your system.  In addition to this, solutions are extensively tested for proof of concept in the Trutegra Crane Lab before continuing onto the plant floor.

Optimum productivity

  •  We strive to get you what you need in an efficient and effective way.  By simulating your system in our lab before implementing, we can ensure minimal downtime during installation.


  •  Trutegra systems are built on platforms by global leaders, such as Allen-Bradley and Siemens.  By using modern programming tools and well organized code structure, our systems can be easily maintained by plant personnel.  We also offer 24-hour emergency service in the event that something were to happen on the production floor.

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