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Bulk Material Handling

Material Handling

Trutegra has a wealth of experience in a variety of material handling applications. Bulk Material handling was the primary base of business for the first 10 years in the Southeast, while operating under the name Nol-Tec Systems Southeast. Bulk material handling remains a strong core competency today and includes:

Successful Control Systems for Complex Processes

The control system is a vital part of any Bulk Material Handling application.

With many years of industry experience, Trutegra is unmatched in its ability to provide the best bulk material handling and batch process control systems in the industry. Our sales engineers work closely with you to fully understand your specific requirements. Trutegra’s engineers have years of experience successfully creating control systems for complex bulk material handling, weighing, and batching processes.

Trutegra’s HMI systems utilize graphic imaging to create screens that closely resemble actual processes and equipment in your plant, thus increasing operator awareness and efficiency.

Our control and HMI systems typically include many beneficial features such as:

  •  Compressed air management – providing cost savings on one of your most expensive utilities
  •  Context-specific historical trending – clicking on a piece of equipment displays a historical trend for key process items associated with the equipment
  •  Context-specific maintenance info – clicking on a piece of equipment displays relevant info for the PLC devices associated with the equipment (PLC I/O points, wire numbers, drawing numbers for valves, limit switches, etc.)
  •  SQL reporting for batch production, raw material consumption, material handling system performance


Trutegra has experience controlling a variety of convey equipment for:

  •  Bag
  •  Bulk bag
  •  Truck and railcar unloading
  •  Transfer to silos, bins, and weigh hoppers

This includes controls for:

  •  Various bin dischargers
  •  Convey line switches and diverters
  •  Point and continuous level sensing
  •  Dust collection
  •  Dense Phase and Dilute Phase Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying

With knowledge and experience in all types of dense phase conveying (purge systems, full line concept, dense phase vacuum, continuous) Trutegra has the ability to provide controls for new or expanded systems. Trutegra is also extensively experienced retrofitting existing dense phase system controls.

Trutegra engineers have experience designing control systems for the various types of dilute phase conveying – pressure or vacuum – along with associated equipment and devices.

Powder materials can be efficiently and accurately blended utilizing compressed air. Trutegra engineers are experts with many years experience in air blending.

Many processes require that precise quantities of various ingredients be brought together to make up a specific batch or formula. This typically involves metering materials individually into a weigh hopper using a device such as a screw feeder, airlock, or butterfly valve. Trutegra’s PLC-based weighing systems combine years of experience with our standard features such as fast/dribble speed, automatic preact, jog, tolerance alarms and state-of-the-art data collection and reporting.

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