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Client Success Story: Installation of Automated Controls for Cement Manufacturer

A West Coast cement manufacturer contracted Trutegra to replace their forty-year-old production system, which did not incorporate any automation features or controls and did not provide data collection capability. Trutegra designed, constructed, commissioned, and implemented a package that included a PLC, IO, HMI, with motor drive systems, sway and skew control technology, automated positioning via selection with HMI, obstacle avoidance, and automated grab functionality.

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Client Success Story: Plating Line Upgrade

A company that manufactures products used in a variety of outdoor activities, including bullets that make up rounds of ammunition, wanted to expand their facility and upgrade the automation of the control systems. The company hired Trutegra to install its TruTime scheduling package to replace the existing obsolete system.

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Wireless Communications in the Metals Industry

Automated cranes provide a critical function in the metals industry. These cranes depend upon the reliability of wireless communications within their working environment. The identification of the proper hardware to provide the necessary reliability is crucial and can become one of the more difficult aspects of the project. Trutegra has extensive experience with this technology and can provide the right hardware for the job.

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Client Success Story: Bucket Crane Control Systems

Trutegra was hired by a cement manufacturing company to semi-automate a bucket crane in one of their facilities. A sister plant in the same company, learning of this project, requested the installation of full automation at their facility. Trutegra completed the two projects in parallel, building on the one application to complete the task.

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Client Success Story: Automation of a Boat Storage Facility

Almost a decade ago a dry stack storage facility for boats was built in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This facility introduced a new concept, i.e., the use of an overhead crane to lift and locate the boats. Trutegra was approached to survey the system and determine whether it was possible to automate the crane, as was originally intended. Trutegra completed the survey and proposed an upgrade to the hardware that was presently installed, to fully automate the crane.

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TruStor: The Complete WMS

TruStor is a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS) consisting of material handling equipment automation and supervisory logic to optimize storage space and efficiency. Recognizing a common limitation in other WMS packages, Trutegra purpose-built TruStor from the ground up to seamlessly interface with their crane automation solutions.

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Client Success Story: Upgrade for a Steel Processing Company

The client recognized the need to automate the storage and retrieval processes to minimize lost time in locating specific coils and avoid the selection of the wrong steel coil. Trutegra was hired to add automation features to replace the previous manual system and incorporate the validation steps required to ensure the selection and removal of the correct coil.

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