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Client Success Story: Upgrades for Automotive Supplier

Trutegra successfully executed the overall management of an upgrade project for a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier. The client is strategically aligned with the auto manufacturer that they serve, even so far as coordinating plant shutdowns since all materials are delivered in a just in time manner.

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Trutegra Service Agreement Success

A National coatings company, that manufactures coating products for a variety of industries, was faced with an emergency following a power outage, leading to a product line failing to startup. Engineers from Trutegra used a computer to go online with the PLC to identify the piece of equipment that had failed to start.

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No-Sway at The Port Marina

Our No-Sway control system was integrated into this Maff-Stack lift system at The Port Marina in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. No-Sway has improved customer ser…

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Offsite Test Lab

Come along for a quick tour of our offsite test lab where we simulate production crane environments!…

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Siemens Training Day

A quick video recap of our latest training with Siemens. Trainings like this one are something we are constantly scheduling with our suppliers to make…

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Fiber Optics

Fiber is a way to ‘future-proof’ your installation. Trutegra is certified in fiber...

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