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“With Trutegra, I am confident that the job will be done on time, within budget and with no downtime. They have saved us countless dollars and many hours of downtime by being able to respond to the very simple to the most complex service calls. They are our partners – an extension of our operational facility.”

– Plant Manager at a Major Coating Manufacturer in Charlotte, NC

“I received a call… asking if Trutegra could come in and install an update… It is a breath of fresh air to have a vendor fulfill a promise without constant harassment to follow thru with commitments. I have in good faith been waiting quietly for an update and out of nowhere here it is. Your group is one of a few that does this, for most of the time I have to jump up and down over and over to get vendors to follow thru with commitments.”

-Electrical Engineer at a Large Printing Facility in South Carolina

“I am writing you today to acknowledge that we have experienced great customer service from Matthew Megremis! On the last visit and near the end of a long Plater day, I had taken Matthew over to our large fully automated press room just to show him some of our other plant automation. It just so happens, that we had device net module fail and I had a real showstopper on my hands. This particular module is vital to our safety and communication layers of the press and all robot systems. As it turned out, we were un-armed in the software side of things and for reasons before my years, had no configuration to download. With Matthew’s help, some Trutegra internal team support and some Rockwell tech support combined, we were able to recover our press line. On a professional basis, it’s been my pleasure to work with Matthew who is very knowledgeable for his years and systematic in his approach. These two key attributes combined enable him to be very proficient in tackling & resolving problems. On a personal basis, I have been working closely with Matthew side by side for long hours. It’s been my pleasure to spend time and interact person to person with Matthew. I have come to know that he has the right temperament, and a great balance of integrity, honesty and patience all rolled in. Huge Thanks goes out to Matthew for his extended service and contribution to helping save our day! Matthew is welcome in our plant and also at my home at any time.”

-Automation Tech at a major Automotive System

“The Trutegra no-sway control system has greatly improved customer service, downtime, maintenance and efficiency at the Port Marina. The crane still operates at the same speed as before but we can handle more boats thanks to the coordinated moves and eliminated sway settling times that the no-sway software provides. Trutegra has also programmed in failsafes that virtually eliminate operator error such as a misplaced boat. The Port Marína stands as the marquee in fully automated dry stack hurricane protected facility. It’s the only one like it across the nation. The F3 Marina Development group is excited about moving forward with more automated dry stacks as well as other applications such as parking and dry storage.”

-Steve Rice

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