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PLC-Based Controls for HVAC Systems

The air quality in the manufacturing areas of a plant is typically maintained by large air washers controlled by aging pneumatic controls or “black box” controllers. Trutegra selected a single off-the-shelf PLC controller, AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), and HMI software package providing a standard, accessible platform that is familiar to plant maintenance personnel. The new system is easily maintained and serviced eliminating expensive service contracts with traditional HVAC controls suppliers. By designing a PLC-based Plant HVAC control system, Trutegra is able to deliver a solution that outperforms other packaged systems in terms of annual maintenance contract costs and ease of use. Plant operations personnel have reported improved performance of the HVAC controls in the process areas and are benefiting from better system awareness and operability. Maintenance personnel are able to comfortably understand and support the system, resulting in increased plant performance and reduced cost of ownership.

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