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Fiber is a way to ‘future-proof’ your installation.

Trutegra is certified in fiber optics by the ETA and FOA. We offer a full line of fiber optic services: system design, product selection, fiber pulls, system builds, termination, testing, and troubleshooting.

Fiber optic technology offers many advantages over traditional copper networks:

  •  Fiber is immune to electro-magnetic interference. Industrial environments are typically high-interference areas, and care must be taken in copper installations to route cables away from interference. With fiber, this is no longer a concern.
  •  Fiber has a much greater cable-length limit. In Ethernet networks, traditional Cat5/6 can only be run 100m without a repeater. Fiber can typically go much further before this is necessary.
  •  Fiber has greater bandwidth than copper. This reduces the number of individual cables needed to carry the information.
  •  Fiber can be installed in existing conduits and cable trays.
  •  Fiber is actually cheaper than copper. As copper prices continue to rise, the savings to install fiber will only increase.
  •  Fiber is a way to ‘future-proof’ your installation. A single generation of fiber cable has outlasted 6 generations of copper cable, and still has room to grow.

Trutegra offers fiber optic services in industrial/manufacturing facilities, telecommunications industries, and more. Coupled with our extensive electrical and control engineering capabilities, Trutegra has the experience it takes to make the project a success.

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