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A quick video recap of our latest training with Siemens. Trainings like this one are something we are constantly scheduling with our suppliers to make sure we are up on the latest technology!

Training is continual at Trutegra. Products are constantly evolving so we schedule classes to keep all our engineers up to speed on the latest technology.

This session focused on new DC drives from Siemens. We really appreciate the great support from Siemens and the opportunity to learn the latest DC drive technology.

Andy Wojcik came in from Alpharetta, GA for a three day training class to show us the latest on their Semanics Dynamic DCM drives. We started with a products overview and went all the way through advanced example applications.

We then worked with the demos for commissioning through a difficult application deployment and programming the drives.

We had a great training class with Siemens and really appreciate all the support!

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