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Compressed Air Management

Trutegra Material Handling Systems feature Compressed Air Management

Trutegra has extensive knowledge of bulk material conveying applications combined with a vast experience with process controls and energy management to provide conveying systems that feature compressed air management as part of the control system. By monitoring the status of many conveying systems in the plant, the control system is able to manage the operation of the conveying systems thereby managing the demand on your compressed air system, one of your most expensive plant utilities.

The air management system is flexible enough to allow the operator to set the parameters on the system, such as defining how many conveying/blending systems are allowed to run simultaneously, setting priority on certain parts of the process and the ability to temporarily exempt a certain conveying system from air management for extraordinary process requirements. By integrating across process control networks to other plant control systems, we are able to show how the compressed air system is impacted by the performance of the conveying systems.

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