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Moore Products

Replace your obsolete Moore Products 512K and 522K with new Trutegra HIK-512 and HIK-522

These original instruments have been discontinued and are no longer supported by Moore Instruments. Our replacement is designed to be a “form, fit, and function” replacement for the instrumentation and to directly replace the aging hardware.

Replace Obsolete 512K & 522K Moore Products Mini Loading Stations Moore Instruments HIK-512-R Reverse Acting Trutegra Replacement

Trutegra’s replacements for the Moore Products models 512K & 522K employ two modern devices; a 1.75-inch rectangular pressure gauge and a mini pressure regulator. Both are installed in a custom powder coated metal panel mounting case designed to fit the original cutout.

The devices have been designed to be a “form, fit, and function” direct replacement for the obsolete instruments. The pneumatic connection on the replacement is designed to connect to the existing utilities, including the same 1/8″ female NPT connections, ensuring a painless transition from outdated Moore Instruments to the new Trutegra replacement.

Trutegra HIK-512 & HIK-522

Designed for function and serviceability

Like the original instrument, Trutegra’s 512-R Mini-Loading Stations provide 3-15 PSI outputs using the pressure regulator included on the front of the station. The black, powder coated faceplate houses a 1.5″ gauge which shows the pressure in a percentage form. The gauges are easily serviceable from the front of the device. Replacement gauges and regulators can be provided if necessary.

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Trutegra offers replacements for obsolete Moore Products:

Trutegra HIK-512 & HIK-522


Single Gauge, Direct Acting, Replacement for Moore Products MPC-512K


Single Gauge Rotated 180 Degrees, Direct Acting, Replacement for Moore Products MPC-512R HIK-522-D

Dual Gauge, Left Output Gauge Needle is Red, Right Feedback/Process Variable Needle is Black

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