Now offering advanced position control for cranes, hoists, AS/RS and automated material handling with ABICS and SIBICS. » LEARN MORE ABOUT CRANE & HOIST

When your machine, process, or production line is down, Trutegra is the one to call. We offer 24/7 emergency service on most brands of control equipment. Our highly trained team of engineers have the skills necessary to pinpoint the cause of the problem and get your plant up and running any time of day or night. » LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE

Whether your facility is too small to justify a full-time controls engineer or budget constraints prevent you from having them available around the clock, Trutegra is the answer. We offer everything from emergency service to full-scale project management services. » LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ENGINEERING SERVICES

Lower energy costs, leverage plant floor information and maximize your bottom line with Trutegra’s Energy and Resource Management and Operational Excellence programs. » LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ENERGY SOLUTIONS

Our high standard of quality delivers results – whether it’s a complicated process and batching system or is very simple in design. » LEARN MORE ABOUT PROCESS CONTROL

Whether you're looking to build a system from scratch, automate an existing process or retrofit with new technology,
Trutegra can provide the solution. We offer years of industry experience and a broad base of product knowledge.

From concept to commissioning, our engineering professionals handle all aspects of your project including preliminary
engineering, CAD, installation supervision and system start up.

Control panels are built in-house by our UL508A and UL698 certified panel shop to our superior quality standards. All of our
projects include full documentation and source code so you own the solution. Customized on-site training allows your
personnel to support the equipment for years to come.

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