Why Trutegra?

Trutegra can provide your custom automation solutions.  Whether looking to build a system from scratch, automate an existing process or retrofit with new technology, Trutegra brings years of industry experience and a broad base of practical knowledge to the challenge. Our seasoned engineers and professional approach will help you maximize success with minimal cost and risk. Trutegra wants to be your trusted, reliable partner. 

Our engineering professionals can help execute all phases of your automation project.  We offer preliminary design services, estimating, detailed engineering, CAD services, UL Certified panel assembly and wiring, software engineering, PLC programming, HMI development, commissioning, documentation and customized training.  Whether you need full, turn-key service, or just reinforcements, let Trutegra help make your project a success.

Our commitment to the success of our manufacturing Customers spans over 27 years.  As we have for a quarter century, Trutegra will stand by you into the future, with 24/7 service and support if needed.  Trust Trutegra to bring integrity, creativity, skill, experience and professionalism to help build your competitive advantage through manufacturing automation.     

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