About Automation


The integration of PLC systems, plant networks, operator interfaces, drive, and drive systems to solve customer problems is the base of all Trutegra businesses.  

Solutions have been provided with Allen-Bradley, Siemens, ABB, Magnetek, and many others.

  • In-House panel fabrication, assembly, wiring, and testing
  • Standardized quality and testing procedures
  • Panels assembled to current NEMA and NFPA standards
  • UL508A certified
  • CSA certified
  • UL698A certified
  • CE Conformity available upon request
  • Panel retrofits on customer site
  • Custom enclosures and layouts
  • Unequaled quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail
  • Quality components and accessories as standard
  • Wiring and component assembly is neat, well-organized, and clearly labeled

Control Panel Gallery

Process Control

Trutegra designs batching systems for many types of materials including both wet and dry applications providing controls that are designed for flexibility, allowing customers to modify batch recipes as needed for process and end product requirements.  Its high standard of quality consistently delivers results - whether in a complicated process and batching system or a very simple design, by offering flexible batching and process solutions.

Trutegra's team of highly-trained engineers are experienced with: 

  • ISA-88 (S88): Increasingly popular standard for batch processing that allows for modification to processes that require added flexibility without changing the controls programming.
  • ISA-95 (S95): Used to integrate control and enterprise systems by determining what information is exchanged between multiple systems of an enterprise.  Trutegra has the ability to develop these communication models with the control systems while also meeting S88 standards.
  • IEC-1131: Allows programmers to develop process control programs in on of five standard languages, to be used consistently in various PLC's with very little modification to the original program. 

Material Handling

Trutegra has a wealth of experience in a variety of material handling applications.  Bulk Material handling was the primary base of business for the first 10 years in the Southeast, while operating under the name Nol-Tec Systems Southeast.  Bulk material handling remains a strong core competency today.

  • Assembly line supply cranes for airliners
  • Plating line hoists, controlled by scheduling software
  • Dry pneumatic conveying, both in dense phase and dilute phase.
  • ASRS for logistics in automotive manufacturing,
  • ASRS warehouse systems

All have been central to manufacturing success of our customers.

Operational Excellence and Sustainability (OES)

Research shows that companies utilizing plant floor data, in manufacturing and business software solutions, are on average, four times more profitable than those not using this data.  Production and quality data, readily available in their plant floor automation solutions can be used to maximize profits.

Examples of OES 9ISA-95 compliant) functionality include:

  • Data collection and acquisition
  • Product tracking and genealogy
  • Resource allocation and status

Trutegra defines OES as making the right product, the right way, every time.