A Modern Approach to Controlling HVAC Systems in Manufacturing Facilities

May, 23, 2017

The air quality in the manufacturing areas of a plant is typically maintained by large air washers controlled by aging pneumatic controls or “black box” controllers. Trutegra selected a single off-the-shelf PLC controller, AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), and HMI software... Read More

UNC Charlotte Senior Design Project

May, 18, 2016

The Trutegra crane lab has several models capable of programmable linear motion. Among other things, we use these to develop automated systems for... Read More

Handling Different Array lengths with One AOI.

Apr, 20, 2016

A PLC programmer may want to create an Add-on Instruction as part of a project. This can make code re-usable, more compact or just more readable. Passing an array into an AOI is possible, but when the array to be passed is of unknown length, some tricks or additional understanding is required. This article explains how this can be easily done.... Read More

Using TONR in Structured Text

Apr, 11, 2016

Using TONR in Structured Text in RSLogix 5000 by Douglas Taylor... Read More

SCALANCE Wireless Upgrade

Mar, 04, 2016

How Trutegra’s intelligent bridge crane controls, with SCALANCE wireless broadband technology, save an automotive supplier hundreds of thousands of dollars. texas_015 Automakers are buying huge volumes of high-strength steel as they attempt to build solid, lightweight cars. Annealing and galvanizing plants throughout the Midwest process these thin steel sheets, creating steel coils that weigh up to 40 tons... Read More

Tank Heating and Leveling Experiment

Sep, 10, 2015

We have been working with one of our customers to develop a system to control and monitor tank temperature and level. In order to further test our code, we needed a scaled down...... Read More

Fog Machine

Sep, 04, 2015

When your boss tells you to go buy a fog machine, you don't question it. Truzone is an attachment...... Read More