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ABICS / SIBICS Positioning Solutions

Intelligent Positioning

A replacement for Aging and Obsolete Positioning products

Trutegra offers advanced position control with its ABICS™ and SIBICS™ products. These Allen-Bradley (ABICS™) and Siemens (SIBICS™) PLC based solutions easily integrate into any retrofit, rebuild or new installation. By utilizing open architecture, off-the-shelf PLCs and position sensors, we offer a flexible and sustainable solution.

Why use ABICS™ and SIBICS™?

  •  Provides complete position control functionality to all axes on virtually any crane or industrial vehicle
  •  Multiple axes on one PLC
  •  Dramatic performance and serviceability improvement
  •   Reduction in position error rates
  •  Increased reliability and greater accuracy
  •  Skew control
  •  Collision avoidance
  •  Simple retrofit
  •  No-Sway
  •  Supports all ICS 5000/TCS 4000 configurations
  •  Utilizes nearly any communication protocol to replace
    all digital, analog, and serial I/O wiring/communication
    (Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus, etc…)
  •  Proven solution with hundreds of successful installations

Open and Expandable Architecture

  •  Addition of future axes
  •  Auxiliary functions, i.e. reports, interlocks, alarms,
  •  HMI, additional I/O, and more as available options
  •  Integration into existing PLC hardware
  •  Transparent replacements for legacy positioning products including the Trimble ICS 5000 and the Geotronics TCS 4000
  •  Trutegra Crane Analyzer
  •  Addition of future axes

A Success Story

Accurate, high-speed positioning for cranes and hoists with automatic anti-skew control

A printing industry customer was using (6) of the aging TCS-4000 units for positioning their automatic storage and retrieval cranes. There were a total of (2) units on each of (3) cranes. Downtime was extremely critical for this customer, as they were in the middle of their busy season. Unfortunately for them, this was exactly when their last spare units began to fail.

ABICS is the ONLY Allen-Bradley based, drop-in, plug-and-play replacement for the aging Geotronics TCS-4000 and the Trimble ICS-5000 on the market. When these products fail, Trutegra has the solution. In RS232 applications, it transparently replaces your existing positioning system. DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet and other networks are also available.

Trutegra was able to replace the legacy products with extremely limited downtime. The only work required was to mount the new lasers and controllers, and reconnect the associated wiring. Once installed, a simple tuning was all that was needed to get them running. This was all completed in a matter of hours.

These cranes are highly critical to the customer’s operation since they store and retrieve 100% of the in-process inventory. The range of the laser in this application exceeds 400′. ABICS is accurate to 6mm, or less than 1/4″. The upgrade was a complete success and the customer experienced minimal down-time.

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