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An Efficient and Accurate Crane Control Feature

Auto-Centering is a feature that directs the crane automatically to the nearest designated station.

In practice, this is useful to the operator because the control system will be more accurate at final positioning of the crane than an operator will be. As an example, suppose the operator was manually driving the crane to “Station #1”. With the Auto Centering feature, he/she would drive the crane into the vicinity of Station #1, and then stop. At that point, a green light on the console will come on, indicating that the load is “within range” of a programmed station. Seeing the green light, the operator can press a button labeled “Auto Center”. This causes the control system to execute a controlled move from the crane’s current position to the nearest programmed station. This move will be efficient and accurate, relieving the operator of having to manually make position within tolerance at the station.

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