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A Unique Accessory for Crane Control

Truzone is a system designed to prevent pendant style crane controls from operating if the operator is within a mandatory distance from the load.

Truzone is an attachment to standard wireless crane control pendants that senses the location of the operator and defines whether or not it should to allow the crane to move. We use a customized infra-red vision system to monitor the location of the remote, along with a green laser to serve as a visual aid to the operator to indicate the boundaries of our system. If the location of our sensor is within the predefined boundaries, then the crane is unable to move. The LEDs mounted on the wireless remote flash at a specific frequency to differentiate between sources of infrared light. While powered on, these lights communicate through an IR camera to a PLC. Another feature we have added to the system is a motion sensor on the pendant which sends it into “sleep mode” if it is inactive for a long period of time. The remote wakes up automatically when the system senses movement. To improve durability, the attachment is made out of a hard 3D printed nylon material.

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