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TruStor is a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS) consisting of material handling equipment automation and supervisory logic to optimize storage space and efficiency. It allows for dynamic configuration as storage needs change. TruStor uses a granular system of rules and algorithms to adapt to a wide variety of applications. It is also capable of interfacing to other systems via a variety of standard methods.

TruStor Configurability

  •  Algorithms for optimizing product placement and retrieval as product mix changes
  •  Computer simulations aid in optimizing logic and measuring efficiency
  •  Heuristic algorithms for system learning (future)
  •  Physical arrangement of equipment and storage locations
  •  Virtual storage models
  •  Interface to upstream systems (ERP, corporate or plant ordering systems)
  •  Flexible vehicle load weight and sizes

TruStor Data Collection

  •  RFID
  •  Barcode
  •  Vision
  •  Wi-Fi Tags
  •  OCR

TruStor Load Properties

  •  Decisions affected by load properties measured by material handling system

Scale Size Temperature Rotation/Orientation Others

TruStor Visualization

  •  Animation based on equipment and product arrangements
  •  Computer simulation for optimizing the algorithms using offline engineering tools
  •  Interface stations

– Material flow
– Maintenance

– Configuration
– Station queues
– Prioritization

TruStor Historian

  •  Alarms
  •  Load move history
  •  Vehicle data
  •  User audit trail

TruStor Reports

  •  Types of reports
    SQL reporting services
  •  Customized reports

TruStor Statistics

  •  Loads stored and retrieved rate
  •  Vehicle utilization
  •  Storage capacity

TruStor Strategies

  •  Flexible storage location arrangements
    LIFO – Stacked horizontal or vertical
    FIFO – Queued horizontal or vertical
    Dependency – A stack’s access depends on another stack’s content
    Direct access – Store or retrieve from any position without obstruction

TruStor Communications

  •  Communications with other systems
    Database instructions
    Client/Server connection
    Text files
    Programmable Logic Controller

TruStor delivers Level 1 and Level 2 systems as an integrated solution for warehouse needs. Traditionally companies build warehouses sourcing L1 and L2 from different companies. TruStor contains advantages in efficiency with L1 and L2 integrating more information for improved logic decisions. Level 3 (ERP or other) interfaces with TruStor using flexible methods of communication.