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Stacker Cranes and AS/RS

Whether you are retrofitting controls on an existing Stacker Crane or planning a new Automated Storage/Retrieval System, Trutegra has the solution.

“Stacker Cranes” or Automatic Storage and Retrieval systems (AS/RS) describes material handling cranes that typically store and retrieve loads as directed by a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Most often these devices are autonomous, and must be as efficient as possible. For this reason, they are some of the fastest and most precise cranes in service today. Trutegra’s experience with stacker cranes is broad and deep. Its Engineers can upgrade the controls on your existing Stacker Cranes, or work together with equipment manufacturers to provide world-class control systems on new machinery. Contact Trutegra’s Crane department today to learn more about how we can help you get the most of your AS/RS or stacker cranes.

Based in Buffalo, N.Y., Certo Brothers is a leading beer distributor and one of only two beer warehouses in New York featuring automated crane services. Certo Brothers was in need of a replacement for its outdated Trimble ICS 5000, obsolete, but nevertheless still in use in crane systems nationwide… Read more about this ICS-5000 replacement here

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